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Winters arrived


Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 12.14.08
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Friday Love

My favourite girl’s x 2

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 13.45.18Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 13.51.27

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Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 13.21.10

Back to the Gym:-)Back to the gym then :-)

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The white shirt

Oh to have Alexa Chung’s wardrobe of Style!

If I could only have three items in my wardrobe, a white shirt would be in my top three items of clothing. The next piece you buy… Make sure it’s a white shirt!

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The Pointed toe shoe

Dior Pointed shoe

I’m so happy the pointed shoe is back as I have a pair of much loved Jimmy Choo tan pointed shoes that have sat in my wardrobe unused and unloved for about four years now. Ta Dah! Suddenly I can’t get enough of them as they just seem to go with every thing and update an outfit in an instant.

Kate Moss looking stunning in her black pointed shoes and grey leopard dress

Pointed toes elongate the leg, making them super flattering. As the style returns to the catwalks, go for a classsic pump or make a statement with fantastic prints, hot colours and embellishments.

The classic pair of pointed shoe by Jimmy Choo


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Perfect Toes

Now listen up girlfriends, i’ve been spying to many dodgy toe’s lately and I think it’s soooooo important that you keep those claws looking perfecto. I never forget eating in a restaurant when a complete stranger who was eating on the table next to me comented on my freshly manicured toe’s.He said I had the nicest feet he had ever seen…I enjoy a compliment if it’s going!

Here is a favourite look of mine: Have you got any you want to share with me? Here is a favourite…

Well I will take any compliment if it’s going! Here is a favourite look of mine at the moment. Have you got any you want to share with me? Send me a comment, Love Jeanie xxx

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Elle Macpherson

Elle Macpherson is known for her cutting edge style and we spotted her on the school run wearing this beautiful Bohemiam inspired scarf. To get her look i spied with my little eye some devine accessories and wonderfully sohisticated bohemian style scarves from a new English brand called EverydaySugar. A scarf is the perfect way to add interest and colour to what could be just a plain outfit. Or how about adding it to a cute gypsy style blouse for a sexy undone look.

To get her look, try EverydaySugar for the perfect Scandinavian street style scarves and accessories

Elle Macpherson

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Gucci Bamboo shopper

Gucci. A top of the game, creme de la creme of designer accessories. There’s more than just ‘something’ about Gucci that gets my heart fluttering and causes my mind to enter a state of Gucci-phoria. It’s the combustible combination of quality, elegance and edge which when slung across your shoulder can add miles and miles of oomph to your outfit. There’s no over-doing your look when you’re rocking a Gucci and personally, there’s not one thing that can steal my heart quite like Gucci bags can, especially the icon Gucci Bamboo bag.

The large shopper makes a purrrrfect Airport bag and the meduim size make’s a wonderful shopper and evening tote. Which one would you go for? I just might have to have both:)

The Gucci Bamboo Shopper comes in Black, nutmeg brown, Red,Pink, metalic soft gold and, blue and white

Large Gucci Bamboo shopper £1,390

Meduim Gucci bamboo Shopper  £1,230

Perfect size for day and evening glamour

The Gucci Bamboo made its first debut in 1947 and has continued to steal hearts of many for the last 66 years. The genius artisans milked, for lack of a better term, the period of rationing materials during the war and creatively used the abundance of bamboo canes to create the handbag handle by heating the material and shaping it into a semi circle. For the main body of the original Bamboo bag, pebbled pig skin material was used.

The evolution of Gucci Bamboo has seen the pebbled pig skin material be replaced with leather / printed canvas / printed calf hair and many others.

The icon bag hasn’t failed to find itself draped across the arms of royalty, silver screen starlets and celebrities to date. From the likes of Elizabeth Taylor to Princess Diana in recent history, to Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez in present time, its undeniable beauty continues to reign in the spotlight, its rightful place.

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Turtle necks

Call me crazy, but lately we’ve had our eyes on one of the season’s most tough-to-tackle tops: the turtleneck. This classic staple has graced the necks of countless style icons (think: Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Jackie O), and we’ve found some equally amazing modern day inspiration to help get your turtleneck out of the closet and onto the streets! Right get digging because you know you have a turtle neck piece of knit wear hiding in your wardrobe.

The way she styled a chunky cream Zara turtleneck sweater on top of a J.Crew  ($45), of course! We’re also pretty fond of her distressed jeans Current/Elliott ($206), clutch Mark and Graham Cream ($79), and those strappy J.Crew heels.

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