Ispy is here to offer you a service and help you create your personal style. Whether you want to add vintage to your current designer style, need a wardrobe remix, or to help you work your current wardrobe, we are here to help.

The Spy styling process commences with a mini questionnaire via email or phone call to find out more about your current lifestyle, body shape, self image and your relationship with clothes. I want you to enjoy the experience and have fun answering my questions for it’s the basis which we start your style makeover journey.

WARDBROBE MAKEOVER £250 ( 2/3 hours)

Do you open up a wardrobe full of clothes yet still think you have nothing to wear? Do you feel you need fresh inspiration injected into your wardrobe and help in creating an individual look to match your lifestyle and personality? Do you need a mini style update and help with creating new outfits?

Are happy with the clothes you have but need a little bit of inspiration. You will learn how to do more with what you already have: The solution may already be in your wardrobe!

Let us  identify key basic pieces that  might be missing which will keep your wardrobe together. I will also show you how to shop for your body shape making shopping  a pleasure not a chore!

This service takes place in your wardrobe. This style package is recommended as a starter to help you understand how your  perfectly your wardrobe could work for you. It’s a great starting point if you then wish to book Jeanie for a personal shopping experience so she can see exactly what is missing or give invaluable pointers and tips to make you feel more confident when you get dressed every morning. It’s my job to help you never mutter those words again-” I don’t know what to wear”!!


Everyone needs a revamp now and again, and it’s hard to update your own look. Let me be your extra set of eyes and guide, utilizing all of my fashion/beauty knowledge to suggest anything from a new hair colour to new wardrobe choices. I will use your sense of style and mix it with new trends, classics and more importantly refresh your look. This can be one session or more according to your needs.


Spending endless hours scouring through online sites and stores packed with clothes can take FOREVER! I can learn your personal style and what type of clothes, Vintage or New, High Street or Designer you love. I will contact you each week/month with pictures of fabulous finds and the rest is up to you. This can be done on a one to one basis or as a monthly service.

Some people hate shopping, some people love it and just don’t have the time.  I get a thrill from scouring the perfect find. Let me find that perfect outfit, individual piece and/ or accessory for that special upcoming event, or just to add to your wardrobe. Your budget is up to you- I can find something wonderful costing £10 or £1000! Perfect also for gift finding.

For more details on prices for personal shopping please contact info@ispyfashion so we can access your needs.


Whether you are a designer, model, publication or just need a really cool photo,I can style your shoot. I will work with your ideas/mood/ inspirations to create a statement. From working with clothes and accessories(styling with your own or helping to choose and style) to putting  my ideas in on location, props, and any other artistic touches that may be needed. Contact for prices according to your needs.

BACK TO WORK ( Help and advice to create a wardrobe for work that will take you from the office and beyond) £200/1.5hrs.

ORGANIZING AND STYLING YOUR OUTFITS  for   Holiday/Business/pleasure trip . £200 (1.5hours)

I will work with you to create and style outfits and matching accessories for your trip giving you the freedom to enjoy yourself knowing that every little detail has been thought of for you. All you have to do is look effortlessly fabulous. I can show you key pieces that are missing from your existing wardrobe to suit your budget, or source much needed items to really update your current pieces and turn it into a head turning wardrobe.

After a Style Makeover and Colour Analysis it will be time to really rethink your existing wardrobe.

We can help here too, going through your wardrobe with you to ensure:

•Removing clothes from your existing wardrobe that don’t flatter your body shape
•Finally getting rid of those clothes you never wear!
•Understanding exactly what your wardrobe is missing – so you can then complete it

Ispy can do this process for you from only £200 for 1.5 hours. Additional time up to 2 hours will be £50 an hour thereafter.  At the end of the session you will have a well organised capsule wardrobe – that properly reflects your lifestyle, and shows you and your body off to its best.



“I thought having a “personal stylist” was only something the rich and famous got to experience, but you don’t have to be either to get the amazing  advice and services of ISPYFASHION. I had lost direction with my wardrobe choices…I was loving shopping, buying lots of clothes and then finding I’d “nothing to wear”.

I was getting frustrated that nothing seemed to be coming together and I wasn’t looking the way I wanted. In my mind I just “missed”. I decided to contact ispyfashion as I had heard about ‘Jeanie’ from a friend. I needed help in telling  me what I should be wearing and more importantly what I shouldn’t be wearing to make the best of my shape and colouring.

It wasn’t about throwing everything out and having a shopping spree, but making what I did have work. Jeanie also opened up my mind to new items, colours and styles that I never would have thought of! It was AMAZING! I felt totally motivated and focused on what I really NEEDED not just what I liked and wanted.

My appointment with Jeanie has totally adjusted how I shop now for clothes and I now feel I’m not throwing money away on buying lots of items, but investing in key pieces that last and have multi-function – something that I’ve never done before! Having ISPYFASHION come to  my home is actually saving me money! ”  EMMA-FROM APPLETON

“Jeanie was so approachable and professional. I picked up some great little tips! My worry was I would feel pressured to change or buy something I didn’t feel comfortable with but Jeanie was great, I now feel fresh and fashionable and definitely stylish, it didn’t cost too much either!”             SALLY-FROM CHESHIRE

Thank you very much for all your expert help. I hope I’m not such a useless case for you. My husband loves all the new clothes that I bought after spending an informative afternoon with you in understanding how to create a wardrobe that now works for me! I’ve told my friends & family about the day and they all agreed that it’s such a brilliant present to give to yourself. I shall make sure that I will be more focused on what I buy in future.    CAROLINE-FROM EAST MIDLANDS

If you would like to book a an appointment, please see ‘Book a Stylist’ on the home page for all packages and prices. Don’t just dream about creating a new you…Let me help you!


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