Personal shopping


Being well dressed does not have to mean dressing expensively or being at the cutting edge of fashion. Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the thought of entering a shopping centre and having to choose outfits for yourself?

Does your lifestyle allow you the time in your busy schedule to spend hours searching to purchase new clothing?”

Shopping with ‘Jeanie’ will give you some valuable guidelines that together enables us to easily find what you need in a timely manner, and to buy efficiently. The days of a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear will be gone.

First we discuss your specific needs, we pre-select the clothing according to your specifications, personal style and budget, and then create a shopping itinerary.

My personal shopping service will save you time and money.

PRICE : £250

To find out more about the services Jeanie offers simply contact us at We will send you a gift voucher ready to give your love one on Christmas day,their birthday, Wedding anniversary or any other special occasion.

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